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From hardware to software, laptop to desktop, The PC Computer Doctor is your all-in-one PC computer repair service in Huntington Beach, CA. No matter the nature or scope of the problem, we’re here to resolve it quickly and thoroughly. Some of our extensive abilities include:

  • Removing malware, spyware, viruses: Viruses can cause all sorts of problems for your computer, even compromising sensitive information like passwords. We use high-level antivirus software to completely scan your computer, quarantine any suspicious files and eradicate viruses, spyware and malware from your computer. Trust us for complete computer virus removal service in Huntington Beach, CA.
  • System cleanups: Computer running slowly? Let us sweep through and clean things up! From emptying caches, to removing corrupted files, to defragmenting drive space and more, we know all the little tricks to get your system back up to an acceptable speed.
  • Monitor issues: If your external monitor isn’t working properly or your screen is giving you resolution errors, let us fix it. We’ll help ensure a sound connection and proper configuration, so you can get back to computing efficiently.
  • Programs not starting: Trying to open a program, but nothing is happening? We troubleshoot application errors and restore the program to complete working order, so you can get on using it properly.
  • Network issues: Can’t connect to the Internet? Problems finding devices on your wireless network? Getting a delayed network signal? Many of these issues can be traced back to your modem and router. We make sure your devices are properly connecting and relaying signals, so you can connect to the world around you.
  • Device connectivity issues: Problems reading external hard drives, printers or other USB-enabled devices can cause a number of headaches. Let us put them to rest with proper hardware and software troubleshooting. We’ll get your computer back on track to recognizing these devices.
  • Updates: When the time comes to upgrade your version of Windows or the next update for an app, give us a call. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly and that your system functions flawlessly.

We always take a creative problem solving approach, meaning we explore every option to repair your computer. This often leads up to finding the right solution quickly, giving you a computer that runs properly once again!

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