This about us section starts with me.

Willis Baker, I am the PC Computer Doctor.

I like learning new things and since technology is always changing I am always learning.

I have been working closely with computers since 1979. I decided I needed to know how they worked and what made them go. In the early days I had to continually format and reinstall DOS and Windows many times. The information I was looking for was just not available in a user friendly way.

I remember when going to computer school a teacher would say
"Do not do this" I went home and did it to see how to fix that problem. I was told by teachers that something was unrecoverable or impossible. I would go home figure out how to recover it. Then come back to class and show them how. That was quite rewarding to show the "expert" what they did not know.

I began working for Radio Shack in 1986 and furthered my knowledge there. I was focused on software at the time how programs loaded and what they did how to add to the programs and make the computer do things (Basic programming). I added functions that were not available to things to make them better.

In 1987 I went back to school to get my Novell certification in networking. I was a terror to the whole class. I would do things like change the administrator passwords and users and mappings. I was a hack and could get in and around most systems I encountered. I was careful not to break the law. I was stretching all of our knowledge on why things worked like they did.

I worked for a company as tech support after that for 3 years. They also built computers for POS systems. I got into that pretty heavy I first came to that department and they were able to put out 2 POS systems a day. I automated the process with batch files and basic programming and increased the output to 20 in a day.

I did a lot of trouble shooting there both hardware and software. I believe my skills were challenged and I met and surpassed the challenges in many cases.

The next company I worked with I learned to repair printers along with fixing hardware and software issues. It got to the point that the other technicians would call me when they were stumped with a problem and many times I could walk them through issues on the phone. I was level 2 support for many of them.

I had a customer ask me to train them on a program I had never used I took home the manual and a week later came in and showed them how to use it and was able to answer most of their questions and show them time saving short cuts. They were more than happy with the results. The company I was with saw this and put me in position of technical trainer.

Since that time I saw a need for the normal people. My mother took her PC to a superstore to have it fixed (She lives back east) needless to say the computer got jacked up and the store had no idea how to fix what they created. They erased all her photos and documents reinstalling windows. Memories lost forever. I decided that what was needed was a technician to come and look at the PC in the home. My mother said why can't someone come to the house like the old time doctors. The PC Computer Doctor was born.