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Greetings and welcome to The PC Computer Doctor.

Is your computer sick?

Have you had your PC looked at or repaired
and now it is no better or even worse then before.

Has technical support given up on you?

The PC Computer Doctor will give you a FREE evaluation.
That way you know what your dealing with and can make informed decisions. It does not matter if you do not know computers. I am there to help.

I offer PC computer repair, hardware upgrades, software troubleshooting and installation, and training at your home or small business. In a professional and timely manor.

About this site
Their are several goals here to introduce The PC Computer Doctor to you and help you if possible without a service call.

That's right I am not out to sting you for a service call. I plan to give you links and information on how to do things and when, as well as point the way to resources on the net that might be needed for trouble free computing (If there is such a thing).

I specialize in PC computer repair and
system maintenance.
What that means to you is I fix the problems your computer has now and help prevent future problems. If you wish I will show you how to do maintenance yourself. I will come to your home or small business to see first hand what the problems are. You can explain by showing me. This way we fix it right and you won't be left wondering how to explain what the problem is.

All aspects of the personal PC
I design web pages and have samples for you. I am a qualified Novell CNE, I have been working with corporate networks for over 10 years. I have implemented numerous home and business networks on DSL and cable as well as firewall protection for those with one PC connected to the net. I have extensive experience with hardware and software. I have trained people to use Windows and windows based products. I have extensive hands on experience with DOS, Windows 3.0, 3.1, WFW, 95, 98, 2000, XP and some NT, ME, Vista and Windows 7 as well as OS2 v2, 3, 4 and Citrix 2.1.

Any users out there?
If you are having problems connecting to the internet!
If your favorite program no longer opens!
If your computer just reboots by itself!

Give me a call. I can help.



* If you would like to submit suggestions or have comments let me know by clicking here.

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